I have accomplished many things in my life that I am so proud of, but the one I am the proudest of is my four daughters and wife. They are all different in their strengths and flaws, and this is what makes them unique.

Many friends told us that we have the best family they have ever seen and would like their own to be like ours. What makes a family or group strong is each individual in this group. This is what makes us so strong. We became one, aligned with the same ideas and purpose on how our family should be. Three of my daughters work with me to help people with substance use disorder. We now have two amazing granddaughters.

People ask us how we do this, and the answer is simple. We let our daughters be who they are; we listen and work with them when situations are not optimal in their life and get them to find a solution or guide them towards a solution. Communication is a crucial element.

My wife and I are the complete opposite, but we use each other strength to bring out the best for our family. My daughters and my wife are my superheroes.


Claudia, AKA Clo, is the first that came into the family. She is smart and can figure out how to do something in any aspect, from computers to websites and even daily tasks. Her abilities are unlimited. Her contribution to the business and our family is tremendous. She is the smart superhero.


Cynthia, AKA Bid, is the adventurer of the family. She is the most athletic. She has always been ambitious since she was a little girl. She is now a mom of an amazing little girl, Lilyana. Cynthia got her CPA a few years ago and, like her dad, loves numbers. She is the lightning superhero.

Karine – Wonderwoman

Karine, AKA Caille is Miss communication. She learned very rapidly how to use her abilities to get what she wants. As a result of her high level of duplication she is super fast in everything she does. She is a mom of a fantastic girl, Keira, who also is very curious. She is the exuberant superhero.


Vicky, AKA Vic, is the discreet one but very involved either with her family, her friends, or work. Her wit and interest in everything she does bring her to a very high level of competence. Because of that, she is very trustworthy, and people in her field know they can count on her. She is the silent superhero.


When I was a teen, I imagined what would be the perfect wife. I waited over ten years to find her finally. She has the biggest heart you can imagine. My daughters would have never imagined having a better mom than Nicole. She cares so much for people and wants to help everyone; She is “my” Superhero.