Music has always been a big part of my life. It keeps me connected spiritually.

When I was nine, my dad came home with a saxophone and told me I was starting my sax lessons Thursday et 7h30, He always wanted to play the sax, and his mom told him he would get lip cancer. It was the 30s and their education.

At 15, my environment changed, which got me to start to play drums which I did for six years. The setting again (playing drums in an apartment was not allowed, LOL) changed, and I started to play the guitar.

I always played covers of songs and never really had any interest in creating my stuff. About two years ago, I started to have an idea for a song. I contacted a good friend, Guy Tourville, one of the best music producers in Montreal. It was the beginning of my song creation. I took it to another level and started to do my vocals which were entirely out of my comfort zone.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Let’s Rock!!!

Break My Chains

This was my first song; I was nervous about looking bad in front of the producer. The lyrics were written by Claudia, my daughter, and me. The singer was Pamela Boyer and produced by my dear friend Guy Tourville.


We wrote the lyrics of this song on our balcony in front of the fire with my wife, daughters, and son-in-law. It is my little masterpiece sung by Pamela Boyer with a crazy voice and produced by Guy Tourville.

Out of My League

I wrote this song with Claudia, my daughter; we had a blast in the studio. It was very 80s rock and upbeat. Pamela sings with Guy Tourville. It was probably the song we had the most fun doing. I learned that riff in the 80s.

Marchy’s Blues

It was my first vocal experience. I was so nervous, but blues was an excellent gradient for me. I wrote the lyrics with Claudia, and the concept’s idea came from Guy that the guy either lost his girlfriend or guitar; the story does not tell. 🙂

Addicted To You

When I was younger, I got addicted to drugs. That was a very emotional song for me to sing. I remember singing the last words in the studio, which was so passionate—lyrics from Claudia and me. Guy Tourville produced it.

Way Back Home

I wrote this song with my son and law Mike. He had this idea of returning from a previous home as you are returning to your present home. In that song, I started to be more creative with Guy on all aspects of the music.

Show You the Real Me

That song was about someone that wants to be forgiven because he messed up. I enjoyed singing that song, and it has a soft vocal and instrumental aspect that I like. It was a lot of fun to do in the studio with Guy.

I Am a Rebel

I created this song to achieve the type of beat that your head start following the beat when it plays. Itested with some friend without telling them and it achieved it. It not serious and was so much fun to do with Guy T.


That song is one of the rare ballads I created. The foundation of the lyrics was done with an AI. I adjusted it to fit the melody and put my personal touch to it. Guy T made some beautiful arrangement to it. Enjoy!

Moving Forward

The lyrics of the song were written by my good buddy Nick Hayes. The arrangements are beautifully done, and the end is spectacular. We wanted to do a piece that grows as it goes, and I feel we succeeded. For you to judge. 🙂