My Work

I have always made it my mission to help others personally, but also professionally. This began in 2000 when I worked as an intake counselor at a drug rehabilitation center. With this work, I got first-hand knowledge of the problems substance use can create within a family.

After several years, I decided I wanted to help on an even bigger scale, and I started using the Internet to assist me in doing that, which led to the creation of Drug Rehab Services (DRS). With the help of my family and other addiction professionals, I have built two of the biggest websites offering substance use resources in the United States & Canada: Addicted.Org and

I am a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist (DATS) as well as a member of NAADAC. I have also completed different courses to get an even more comprehensive understanding of the substance use problem as it is today.

In hopes of reaching even more people, I have also created the Drug Education Series which currently consists of five e-books. They include information on different drugs as well as advice on helping someone who is suffering from addiction.

Additionally, I make regular contributions to news outlets with articles geared to further educate people on substance use and its associated risks. Here are a few examples:

The Bay Area Reporter – CA
The Palm Beach Post – FL
The News-Graphic – KY
The Salem News – MA
The Baltimore Post-Examiner – MD

My most recent project is SUPE: Substance Use Prevention Education. It has allowed my team to focus on educating people on the dangers of substance use. This is done through various videos and exercises that can be used to inform children, teens teachers, first responders, elders, etc. Our main belief is that it is possible to live a happy life while being drug-free, and that’s what we are working to convey through this platform.