The way I started to do SEO is exciting. From 2000 to 2005, I worked in rehab to help people with addiction. In 2004, the internet took an important place in our field. People were searching the internet for treatment.

I started to build a website without knowing anything about computers or the internet. I remember my daughter coming from school and telling me, “Dad, if you double on a word. It highlights the word”. I was so excited.

From there, I got my first Canadian website to the top of search engines in my field, and then I started to build a website in the U.S. I brought it to the top 10 websites in the United States in a very competitive field.

Through all of Google’s updates, I have started from scratch my websites four times after being penalized. It was much persistence and getting the right people with me. We are now back to the top again.

This is a fantastic game to play! SEO is fun. It is like a treasure hunt every single day. There are never any dull moments.