Who Am I

It is so hard to tell people who you are. Sometimes, we are not suitable to judge ourselves. So I was not sure if I would be objective. I asked a few people close to me to describe me.

Friends & Family Views

Marcel is my boss, my father-in-law, and above all, he is my friend. He has a contagious passion for life and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Marcel welcomed me into his family with open arms and encouraged me to be the best version of myself. Working for him has been great. He is the type of boss that listens, and while you might not be able to change his mind, he will always give you the opportunity to do so. As my Father-in-Law is extremely supportive and has educated me on the importance of keeping my mouth shut when my wife is upset. Something I am still trying to practice. As friends, we work together and compete against each other, all in the name of fun. While his guitar and tennis skills trump mine, he can’t touch me in the kitchen.

Mike~ Son-in-law

How to describe Marcel ?

First I would say that if you ever wished to have ‘the perfect friend’ and you’d find Marcel, you would win!
He enjoys life in all its aspects.
It’s amazing to hear him talk about his family, friends, work, and the help he brings to other people he doesn’t know.
And obviously the pure pleasure he has when creating and playing music; he not only enjoys it himself, but he also experiences the joy others have when playing his songs.
On a more personal basis, I know that I can tell him everything I want, I won’t be judged, and I’m totally safe.
I know that many people call him for help, and he always does his best to give them the proper answer, never letting them feel bad or upset.
I consider myself very lucky to have him as a friend!

Guy ~ Close Friend and music producer

How to describe Marcel ?

I met Marcel almost 15 years ago. He is my friend and mentor; I cannot say I know someone as unique and determined as he is.

He is the kind of person that doesn’t use detours for anything and goes straight to the point. Marcel is a loud and funny person who takes life and its challenges with humor. I am one of the lucky people to be part of his journey to help others and find creative ways to change the way things are done.

Marie ~ Dear Friend and employee